FileBound 7 Introduces Enhanced UI, Workflow, e-Forms and Analytics

Latest release of Upland Software’s Document and Workflow Automation application focuses on user experience to help make organizations more efficient

“Our customers are telling us they need better tools to increase efficiency, but they struggle with the complexity of legacy ECM applications.

Lincoln, NE (PRWEB) May 20, 2014

Upland Software, Inc., announced today the latest version of the FileBound product, a leading application of cloud-native document and workflow automation software and part of the Upland Software family of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management applications. FileBound 7 continues the product’s tradition of delivering capability without complexity by offering enhanced capabilities while improving the overall user experience.


“Our customers are telling us they need better tools to increase efficiency, but they struggle with the complexity of legacy ECM [enterprise content management] applications,” says Sean Nathaniel, Senior VP of Technology at Upland and General Manager at FileBound. “By taking our analytics, workflow and electronic forms capability to the next level in the cloud, FileBound 7 improves the way work gets done. Our refreshed user interface and focus on customer experience make it easier to complete work and respond quickly when business needs change.”


FileBound 7’s updated interface reflects the way people use consumer Web applications while maintaining a layout familiar to current users. It incorporates the common design standards Upland is applying across its family of products to deliver a consistent user experience across all of Upland’s applications. The design of the new look is focused on ease of use, faster navigation, reducing clutter and bringing focus to the relevant and most important content.


Other enhancements to FileBound 7 include:


    • New Workflow functionality that provides even greater flexibility in configuring and testing workflow in the graphical drag-and-drop interface. This gives users greater control and lets them respond to changing business needs quickly.


    • A new Forms Portal, which includes a drag-and-drop E-form Designer that lets users create forms directly in FileBound in a matter of minutes. The Portal extends business processes outside of the four walls of the enterprise by allowing anyone anywhere to complete forms that can collect additional documentation and signatures.


    • A new Android app, complementing the current iOS app, and an overall responsive design that allows FileBound to be device agnostic. Workers at organizations with BYOD policies and remote workers can have access to the same FileBound system at no additional cost over traditional access.


    • Analytics enhancements that provide meaningful, timely and actionable business insights into all work processes. This allows business owners to get the full value of the data in FileBound to make better business decisions.


More information about FileBound 7 is available on the FileBound website at http://www.filebound.com/FB7, including registration for a virtual tour.


About FileBound
FileBound delivers cloud-native business process automation and document management applications that improve the operation of any organization by connecting users with the information they need to work more efficiently and effectively. With FileBound, customers can build automated workflow processes and centrally manage documents to improve compliance, collaboration and access to information. FileBound applications can be deployed locally or as a cloud-based service and have been implemented by organizations of all sizes around the world. FileBound is part of the Upland Software family of cloud-based enterprise work management applications, and shares Upland’s commitment a customer-centric approach to innovation, excellence and applications that deliver measurable results. For more information, visit http://www.filebound.com.


About Upland Software
Upland is a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise work management software. Our family of applications helps transform how work gets done by enabling better alignment of resources with business objectives, real-time visibility, and increased governance and collaboration, resulting in improved productivity and business agility. From strategic planning to work execution, Upland helps more than 1,200 enterprise clients with 300,000 active users in over 50 countries drive results for critical business functions including information technology, marketing, finance, professional services, and process excellence. To learn more, visit http://www.uplandsoftware.com.


Record Storage Systems is a certified partner of Filebound by Upland serving the Carolinas – Contact us today at 704-588-2820. Let us show how Filebound can organize, streamline, and protect your records.

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High-End Document Management for the Masses

hkjloiiThanks to changes and developments in the document management industry, high-end solutions are now available to all types of businesses.

“Imagine your critical corporate information, accessible from anywhere in the world and always up-to-date. Start using the power of the Internet to drive your document repository!”

Every business or organization, regardless of their size, has certain common characteristics and challenges. They all have documents and information that they need to organize, manage and control in order to ensure their success. Whether they use Quick Books or a high-end ERP solution, they all generate invoices, process payables, have human resource files and have to complete tax forms. Comparatively, if they are a one-doctor clinic or a 500-bed hospital they have to keep medical records and process EOB documents.

Today, information and the documents generated from it are created from multiple sources and stored in many forms. Every organization has Word documents, emails, faxes, paper documents and many other document types. The question is: how do they bring all these pieces together to create a history of their activities, provide customer support and comply with government regulations? Document management solutions are the answer.

In the past, the solutions that would allow organizations to build enterprise systems to manage these challenges were financially out of reach to all but the very largest. They were faced with very few options other than printing everything to paper and filing it in traditional manual filing systems or scanning the paper into a basic imaging system. Even though these systems marginally worked, they limited growth, consumed human resources and created regulatory compliance issues.

Two developments over the past few years have changed this paradigm. These are the introduction of web technologies and hosted services. Together, both of these have reduced the internal infrastructure required to deploy and support document management systems, while lowering the total cost of ownership to the point where document management solutions are within reach of all organizations.

These systems, like FileBound, allow organizations of any size to design a document management solution to meet their needs. With FileBound, you can capture content from any source, whether its scanning paper or importing emails and faxes or documents created from other applications. Once imported into FileBound, this content can be routed down pre-configured workflows, stored and securely accessed from a web browser or published for website access.

Everyone needs document management and with FileBound, organizations can choose to adopt it as a hosted solution using the FileBound On-Demand service. Or, implement it as a simple network appliance with FileBound Express. Or, license the solution and install FileBound on an IT infrastructure. This clearly demonstrates a paradigm shift, which makes high-end document management systems available to all.

Record Storage Systems is a certified partner of Filebound by Upland serving the Carolinas – Contact us today at 704-588-2820. Let us show how Filebound can organize, streamline, and protect your records.

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